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  • Where is "The Lauriston Blend"?
    In Lauriston as our name suggests! Which is part of the Macedon Ranges Shire in Regional Victoria, Australia. Our farm backs onto Kangaroo creek which is the line between Drummond and Lauriston. The road we are on too is also listed as something else on Google maps which can be confusing. For any pick-up orders it's best to give us a call before driving over the bridge in Lauriston to confirm how to get here as you're likely to lose phone reception along the way.
  • Is the produce you grow organic?
    While we are not 'certified' as organic we actively choose to be as chemical free as possible and use natural methods to encourage growth and as pest deterants. We are not looking to get certification at this stage purely due to the costs and processes involved and whilst it would be a nice label to have we are confident that upon reading about our methods and visiting the farm you too would be happy with how we choose to be and how our produce benefits.
  • You say 'free range chickens', how free range is free range?"
    We have 12 chickens that we have raised from eggs we hatched ourselves. One is a rooster, who is a Barnevelder and the girls are a mix of Australorps and Barnevelders. They all have names and different personalties just like people do. They have a large coop with plenty of space to roost (we made it way too big really) and 5 nesting boxes between the 11 girls to access. They also have a large outdoor enclosure that is fully fenced off including the roof for protection 24/7 from predators that has 'toys' for them to be stimulated and entertained (we are still learning about how to keep them happy but apparently they're like toddlers) Along with every day during daylight hours we let them out to roam the property minus the vegetable garden. They have access to multiple food and water sources around the clock too. The property is one acre. So mathematically that works out to be 337.1m2 per chicken! I think they're very happy and if you look at the colour of their yolks I truly believe that is a reflection of their diet and lifestyle. Ours are more golden then I have ever seen.
  • Can we visit the farm?
    You can book through Airbnb to stay in our tiny house although the cut flower gardens and vegetable gardens are private property and unavailable to guests.
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